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The Future In Sustainable Living.
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Building A Sustainable Living Towards A Better Future.

Housing deficits and environmental issues are two of the world’s biggest challenges.

SULEX cuts through the complexity to offer one simple solution: durable, sustainable/eco-friendly housing.

SULEX uses innovative and environmentally friendly materials but goes further by building sustainability in the living experience (built under architecture).

Think of solar panels for green energy, and climate control systems. 

A Sustainable living Experience.



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Sulex serves our audience on two different levels.

Whether you’re an investor looking to invest in one of our projects, or a buyer looking for an affordable, luxurious, sustainable living.

We’ve got you covered.

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You’re committed to living more affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly and luxurious.

We’d love to get in touch with you and show you the SULEX way.

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You want to invest in affordable, sustainable and luxurious housing projects.

We’d love to get in touch with you and show you the SULEX way.

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Building A Sustainable Living For A Better Future.





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Current Projects.

  •  Project Zapateer
  •  Project Abrahamsz
  • Project Sustainable Social Housing (Government)
  • Project Cubex Foodyard

building methods.

  • Methal Studs Framing
  • Container housing
  • Prefabhousing
  • EPS (Expanded polystyrene)
  • TinyHousing
  • Steelcontruction housing

Team Sulex.

Dani Balogun

Dani Balogun

Co- Founder & CEO

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Dani moved to the Netherlands at a young age. … Seeking opportunities to give back to his home country, Dani visited Nigeria in 2018. He saw the issues of housing and sustainability and quickly turned them into an opportunity to give back and participate in a growing market. Since his childhood, Dani had a very close connection with Curacao and his relatives living on the island. After building his businesses successfully in the Netherlands and Africa, Curacao couldn’t stay behind. And with his new venture with Sulex Caribbean, he found a way to contribute to the island. 

John Ewbank

John Ewbank

Co-Founder & CFO

John Ewbank is a renowned songwriter/producer/entrepreneur and is invested in a wide range of companies (Co-Founder of The Future Group, The Flying Dutch, Bagbooking, and Pythagoras Music Fund).

Leroy Kersten

Leroy Kersten


Leroy Kersten has a sales background and was a player for the Curacao rugby team. His Roots are also from Curaçao. He wants to contribute to the growth of the island. Turning opportunities into reality and give back to the community.

Geraldo Alken

Geraldo Alken

Digital Marketing Strategist

Geraldo is a young Entrepreneur living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He has the obsession to live life to the fullest and fulfilling his potential as a human being. Geraldo currently owns multiple companies with his biggest 7-figure venture Your Charisma specializing in the concept of Inbound Marketing. Geraldo and his team have helped over 350+ companies exponentially increase their revenue using digital marketing as their vehicle. 


Militza (Milly) Pandt

Militza (Milly) Pandt

Local Director (Curacao)

Militza (Milly) is born and raised in Curaçao. The love she shares for Curacao is extremely big, and she is perhaps one of the biggest promoters of the island. Milly has a lot of experience in marketing sales and 20+ years in real estate, making her the perfect candidate to advise you extremely well concerning legislation, notaries, and mortgages.

Sulex Caribbean

The Future In Sustainable Living.


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